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5 Good Reasons to Watch Steins;Gate (No Spoiler)

Why Should I watch Steins; Gate Anime? Here's the top 5 reasons to why you must watch Steins; Gate Anime.

Want to watch a new anime, but don't know which Anime you should start next? Why don't you watch Steins; Gate. 

5 Good Reasons to Watch Steins; Gate (without Spoiler)

5 Good Reasons to Watch Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate is one of the most popular science fiction anime of all time. It has a rating of 8.8 out of 10 in IMDB and is at 3rd position in the top anime list of MyAnimeList. So, as you already guessed it is definitely worth watching.

If you are still not convinced about why you should watch Stein; Gate, then let me give you 5 good reasons to watch it.

Modern Japanese World

In many anime series like One Piece or Naruto, the story doesn't start in a world we live in, rather they build their own world with their own set of rules. This is without a doubt cool, but it also takes much more time to create such an anime world, but in Steins; Gate, the story takes place in Akihabara and doesn't have any unusual rules.

So, it is much easier to visualize the plot. Also, the characters and surroundings are completely normal, so it is more like a web series.

Science Fiction

For those who like to watch science fiction animes or movies, you just find the hidden gem. Steins; Gate anime is actually the visual representation of the novel, Steins; Gate.

The complete series revolves around the concepts, theories, and paradoxes of time travel. The story doesn't take any unnecessary assumptions, but explains various problems of time travel, like the Butterfly effect.

Steins Gate Kurisu Makise Rintaro Okabe Wallpaper

Throughout the series, various paradoxes and myths about time travel are explained beautifully in a dramatic way. So, if you love science fiction and time travel stories, you should definitely watch Steins; Gate.

Real-World Scenario

While watching any anime have you ever felt that the characters are completely imaginary or this can't happen in the real world. Maybe you never felt that, but if you are new to the anime world, then you get the feeling at the beginning of some animes.

But, in Steins; Gate all characters are realistic. Everybody has special interests, different goals, and jobs for daily life. The unique personalities of each character get the attention of the viewers, and also these characters develop relationships with each other over time.

Steins Gate Kurisu Makise Rintaro Okabe Mayuri Shiina Wallpaper

We can say the story is science-fiction, dramatic, thrilling, and romantic at once. You will also find sadness and desperation in the story.

Twist and Turns

Even though I can't write about any twist or turns in the plot (otherwise it will be a spoiler), I can say that Steins; Gate has a lot of twists and turn. 

From the very beginning, you will find little twists, which will be explained smoothly throughout the story. And with every twist, you will find a perfect blending of drama in the story, which makes the Steins; Gate all the more reason to watch.

The Personality of Main Protagonist

Unlike some anime series, the main protagonist of Steins; Gate, Rintaro Okabe doesn't have superhuman strength or superintelligence. He is just a normal guy, with a good heart and some good friends, and lives peacefully in Akihabara.

Steins Gate Rintaro Okabe  Hououin Kyouma Wallpaper

While I wrote about the uniqueness of each character before, Rintaro deserves his own entry in the list of reasons. His charming personality and caring nature for others make him a great protagonist. Also, his personality makes this Sci-fi thriller more interesting towards the ending.

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