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One Piece Live Action: 12 Anime Characters That Didn’t Make The Cut

Find out which characters from the original anime and manga series were left out of Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece and why.
Omitted Characters From One Piece Live Action

One Piece is a legendary anime and manga series that has captivated millions of fans around the world for over two decades. It tells the epic story of Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate who dreams of finding the ultimate treasure called One Piece and becoming the King of the Pirates.

Recently, Netflix released a live-action adaptation of One Piece, which was eagerly awaited by many fans. The show features a talented cast of actors who bring the iconic characters of One Piece to life in a new medium.

However, as with any adaptation, the show also had to make some changes and omissions from the original source material. Some of these changes were due to budget constraints, narrative focus, or creative decisions.

Omitted Characters From One Piece Live Action

In this article, we will explore 12 anime characters that were left out of One Piece live action and why they didn’t make the cut. These characters are not just minor ones, but also some of the fan favourites who played important roles in the anime and manga.

We will also discuss how their absence affected the story and the characters of One Piece live action, and whether they could appear in future seasons.

Let’s get started!

The Usopp Pirates (Tamanegi, Piiman, and Ninjin)

The Usopp Pirates: Tamanegi Piiman and Ninjin One Piece

The trio of Tamanegi, Piiman, and Ninjin are Usopp’s young admirers and members of the Usopp Pirates in the Syrup Village Arc. These children look up to Usopp as a hero and are eager participants in his harmless pranks and tall tales.

They play a crucial role in alerting the village about the impending pirate attack, showing their bravery despite their young age.

Sadly, these young admirers of Usopp didn’t make it into the live-action version of One Piece. Their presence could have added depth to Usopp’s character, which some fans feel could use more development compared to the other Straw Hat crew members.

Mohji and Richie

Mohji and Richie One Piece

Mohji is the Chief of Staff of the Buggy Pirates, a group of pirates led by Buggy the Clown, one of Luffy’s first enemies. Mohji is always accompanied by his pet lion Richie, who is also his main weapon in combat.

Mohji and Richie made their debut in the Romance Dawn Arc, the first arc of One Piece. They were part of the Buggy Pirates who attacked Orange Town, where Luffy met his navigator Roronoa Zoro.

Mohji and Richie were also absent from One Piece live action. The reason for their absence was probably related to Richie, who would have required a lot of CGI to create. Since Richie was Mohji’s partner, it made sense to leave them both out of the show.

Mohji and Richie’s absence had a minor impact on the Romance Dawn Arc, which was mostly faithful to the original source material. However, they did add some fun and challenge to Luffy and Zoro’s fight against Buggy and his crew.


Chouchou One Piece

Chouchou is a small but brave dog who lived in Orange Town. He was the loyal guardian of a pet food store that belonged to his deceased owner. Chouchou refused to abandon the store even when it was attacked by the Buggy Pirates.

Chouchou’s courage and loyalty touched the hearts of many fans when he faced off against Richie, Mohji’s lion, to protect his owner’s memory. He later became friends with Luffy and his crew and helped them escape after defeating Buggy.

Chouchou’s story was one of the ones that didn’t make it into One Piece live action. While he wouldn’t have needed much CGI, the show had to fit a lot of content into just eight episodes. Therefore, some storylines had to be sacrificed, and Chouchou’s was one of them.

ShuShu introduction One Piece Manga

Chouchou was also one of the first animals that Luffy befriended, showing his love for all living creatures. He also inspired Luffy to give his straw hat to Nami, a gesture that symbolized their bond.

Without Chouchou, One Piece live action had to omit some of these scenes and details, which could have made the story more engaging and meaningful.


Jango One Piece

Jango is a hypnotist and a subordinate of Captain Kuro, serving as one of the main antagonists in the Syrup Village Arc.

Jango wields chakrams and has the ability to hypnotize people, including his own crew, to make them stronger or more aggressive. He was one of the central characters in the East Blue saga who gave quite a tough time to Luffy.

In the original series, his abilities made fights with Captain Kuro more intense for both Luffy and Zoro. But to keep the live-action series moving at a brisk pace, some battles had to be streamlined. Unfortunately, that meant cutting Jango and his showdowns from the storyline.

Jango’s absence had a significant impact on the Syrup Village Arc, which was one of the most action-packed and suspenseful arcs in One Piece. Jango was not only a formidable foe, but also a key player in Captain Kuro’s plan to kill Kaya.

Without Jango, One Piece live action had to alter some aspects of the Syrup Village Arc, such as Kuro’s motivation, Usopp’s backstory, and Luffy’s final blow. It also lost some of the thrill and drama that Jango brought to the story.


Gaimon One Piece

Gaimon is a unique character who appeared in the Romance Dawn Arc, specifically in the Island of Rare Animals mini-arc. He was a pirate who sought treasure on an island full of strange and exotic animals. However, he ended up getting stuck in a treasure chest and couldn’t get out.

He became the self-proclaimed guardian of the island and its animals. He befriended Luffy and his crew when they visited the island and asked them to help him find out what was inside the chest.

Gaimon was another character who didn’t make it into One Piece live action. The reason for his omission was probably because the Island of Rare Animals mini-arc was skipped entirely by the show. This mini-arc was not very relevant to the main plot and could have been seen as filler by some viewers.

Gaimon’s absence had a minor impact on the Romance Dawn Arc, which was mostly faithful to the original source material. However, he did add some adventure and mystery to the story.

Johnny and Yosaku

Johnny and Yosaku One Piece

Johnny and Yosaku are two fishermen and bounty hunters who are friends with Roronoa Zoro from their shared past. They make their first appearance in the Baratie Arc of One Piece, where they help Zoro find Luffy after they get separated.

They also play a supportive role in the Arlong Park Arc, where they introduce Luffy and his crew to Nami’s past and Arlong’s tyranny. They also join the fight against Arlong’s crew and cheer for the Straw Hat Pirates when they win.

Johnny and Yosaku are not central characters, but they add a touch of camaraderie and humor to the series. They also provide some information and personality to the story.

Unfortunately, in order to achieve a fast-paced series, Johnny and Yosaku were also removed from the storyline of live action. Their absence had a minor impact on the Baratie and Arlong Park Arcs, which were mostly faithful to the original source material. However, they did add some liveliness and detail to the story.

Without Johnny and Yosaku, One Piece live action had to omit some of these scenes and details, which could have made the story more engaging and informative.


Momoo One Piece

Momoo is a giant sea cow introduced in the Arlong Park Arc. Controlled by the Arlong Pirates, he is used to terrorize villages and attack ships.

Despite his intimidating size and appearance, Momoo is rather timid and easily scared, especially by Luffy and his crew. He plays a role in the Straw Hat Pirates’ confrontation with Arlong and his crew, serving as a minor obstacle for them to overcome.

Momoo may not have been a key player in the storyline, but he definitely brought some laughs. Yet, the cost of CGI to bring Momoo to life in the live-action series was likely too steep, so he was left out of the adaptation.


Hatchan One Piece

Hatchan, or Hachi for short, is a six-armed octopus fish-man who first appeared in the Arlong Park Arc. He was one of the officers of the Arlong Pirates, a group of fish-men who terrorized a village where Luffy’s friend Nami lived.

Hatchan was the most friendly and kind-hearted member of the Arlong Pirates, despite his scary appearance. He later became an ally of Luffy and his crew and helped them in several occasions.

Hatchan was one of the characters that fans missed seeing in One Piece live action. However, creating him in CGI would have been very expensive and difficult. Therefore, he was not included in the first season of the show.

Hatchan’s absence had a significant impact on the Arlong Park Arc, which was one of the most emotional and pivotal arcs in One Piece. Hatchan was not only a source of comic relief, but also a bridge between humans and fish-men. He showed that not all fish-men were evil and that some could be friends with humans.

Without Hatchan, One Piece live action had to alter some aspects of the Arlong Park Arc, such as Nami’s backstory, Arlong’s motivation, and Zoro’s fight. It also lost some of the humor and heart that Hatchan brought to the story.


In conclusion, while One Piece live action has done an admirable job of adapting one of the most popular anime and manga series of all time, it has also left out some characters that were integral to the original story. These characters added richness, depth, humor, and emotion to One Piece, and their absence is noticeable by fans who know them well.

However, this does not mean that One Piece live action is a bad adaptation or that it cannot improve in future seasons. Perhaps some of these characters will make an appearance later on or will be replaced by new ones that will capture our hearts.

As fans of One Piece, we should appreciate the efforts of the creators and actors who have brought One Piece to life in a new medium, and enjoy the show for what it is: a tribute to one of the greatest stories ever told.

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