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Aniwatch.to Renamed: What You Need to Know

Discover the rebranding of Aniwatch.to to HiAnime and its impact on anime streaming. Learn why legal alternatives like Crunchyroll are essential.
Aniwatch.to Rebranded: What You Need to Know

The anime streaming world is buzzing with the latest development: Aniwatch.to, the notorious hub for pirated anime content, has undergone a significant transformation.

Say hello to HiAnime.to, the new face of this once-infamous platform. But what led to this rebranding, and what does it mean for anime fans worldwide?

Aniwatch.to Rebranded: What You Need to Know

Disclaimer: This article provides information for news purposes only. We do not endorse or encourage piracy. Support creators by watching anime through legal channels.

The Aniwatch Saga

Let's rewind a bit. Aniwatch.to, previously known as Zoro.to, was a familiar name for anime enthusiasts seeking free content.

However, it caught the attention of anti-piracy groups like the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE). Before ACE could take action, the site rebranded itself as Aniwatch.to in July 2023.

The community wondered: What prompted this change? 

A staff member cryptically assured users that Zoro had been “acquired” by this new team. The data remained intact, and business continued as usual. But the curtain had fallen on Zoro, and Aniwatch took center stage.

HiAnime.to: An Unexpected Rebrand

Fast forward to today. Aniwatch, the beloved haven for anime fans, has pulled off another surprise maneuver. Now, without any warning, Aniwatch has transformed once again—this time into HiAnime.

Aniwatch.to new domain (unblocked) HiAnime.to

Visitors attempting to access the old Aniwatch.to domain are greeted with a concise message:

"Aniwatch is being rebranded to HiAnime. You will be redirected to the new HiAnime website in 10 seconds.
Or you can also click here to go to HiAnime now."
Aniwatch domain changed. HiAnime.to is the new domain of Aniwatch.to

Unlike the previous rebranding, this transition lacks detailed explanations. However, users can breathe a sigh of relief—their data remains intact. User accounts, watchlists, and cherished anime memories have made the journey from Aniwatch to HiAnime.

The site's Discord channel reassures everyone: "All data and information shall be transferred and shall remain the same as before. User accounts and watchlist records shall thus remain unchanged,"

Aniwatch.to domain changed to HiAnime.to. Discord Announcement clarifies the rebranding!

Why the Sudden Name Change?

According to Similarweb, Aniwatch, now HiAnime, has claimed the top spot as the most accessed anime piracy site globally, boasting a staggering 136.2 million visitors in January 2024. Notably, it ranks 337th globally in the competitive "Streaming and Online TV" category.

The Catalyst: India's Site Blocking Order

Why the sudden change? Speculation abounds. Some believe it's related to a recent 'dynamic+' site blocking order in India. This court-ordered measure directs Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block access to specific websites.

Considering that a significant portion of Aniwatch's traffic comes from India, the rebranding might be a strategic move to evade advertising blacklists and site-blocking efforts—at least temporarily.

The H!anime Confusion

Interestingly, during this rebranding, some users mistakenly associated HiAnime with Hanime, another platform known for adult anime content.

Old Aniwatch.to users are trolling the new branding of HiAnime.to

The confusion sparked humorous discussions across social media, with memes and jokes circulating about the unexpected crossover. Rest assured, HiAnime remains distinct from Hanime, catering to a broader audience beyond the realm of adult content.

What Lies Ahead

As debates surrounding anime piracy persist, recent controversies, including Crunchyroll's service changes and the arrests of individuals leaking major manga publications, contribute to the ongoing discourse on the motivations behind piracy in the anime community.

So, farewell, Aniwatch. Your legacy lives on, but let's set sail toward legitimate avenues. HiAnime may be a fleeting chapter, but the anime universe awaits us with open arms.

Remember: We explore the realms of imagination, but let's do it honorably.
—A fellow anime lover

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  1. Hianime has a lot of bugs at the moment. Also a lot of ads too
    I liked Aniwatch more🥺
  2. aniwatchtv.to is also not opening now. Thanks for the info!
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