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Misa Amane: A Complex and Conflicted Character in Death Note

Misa Amane is a controversial character in Death Note. Some fans love her, others hate her. But is she really a good person? Let's Find out.
Misa Amane: A Complex and Conflicted Character in Death Note

 In Death Note, is Misa actually a good person? This is a question that many fans of the popular anime and manga series have debated over the years.

Misa Amane is one of the main characters and the second Kira, who uses a Death Note to kill criminals in order to support and impress Light Yagami, the original Kira and her love interest.

Is Misa Amane actually a good person?

Misa is often portrayed as a naive, childish and obsessive fan girl who blindly follows Light's orders and sacrifices everything for him. But does that make her a bad person?

Is Misa Amane actually a good person?

To answer this question, we need to consider several factors, such as Misa's motives, actions, personality and morality.

Misa Amane Biodata according to Death Note Vol. 13 How to read

We also need to compare her with other characters in the series and see how they differ or resemble her. Here are some points to consider:

Misa's motives

Misa's main motive for using the Death Note is to avenge her parents, who were brutally murdered by a burglar when she was young. 

She also wants to create a better world where crime is eliminated and people can live peacefully. She believes that Light is the god of this new world and that he shares her vision. 

Misa Amane Impressed by Kira

She is willing to do anything for him, even if it means killing innocent people or risking her own life. She also wants to make him happy and be with him forever.

Misa's motives are not entirely selfish or evil, but they are also not pure or noble. She is driven by a mix of revenge, justice, love and obsession.

Misa's actions

Misa's actions are mostly influenced by Light's commands or suggestions. She kills hundreds of criminals with the Death Note, as well as some innocent people who pose a threat to Light or his plans.

She also helps Light manipulate and deceive other people, such as the police, the media and his friends. She even agrees to give up half of her lifespan twice in order to gain the Shinigami eyes, which allow her to see people's names and lifespans.

Misa with Shinigami Eyes

Misa's actions are clearly immoral and illegal, but they are also loyal and devoted. She follows Light's orders without hesitation or question, trusting him completely and showing him unconditional love.

Misa's personality

Misa's personality is often seen as shallow, immature and annoying. She is very cheerful, energetic and optimistic, but also very impulsive, reckless and emotional. She tends to act on her feelings rather than logic or reason, which often puts her in danger or trouble.

She is also very clingy, possessive and jealous of Light, wanting his attention and affection all the time. She does not respect his privacy or boundaries, often invading his space or interfering with his work. She also does not care about anyone else besides Light, ignoring or dismissing their feelings or opinions.

Misa's personality is not very likable or admirable, but it is also not malicious or hateful. She is simply a young girl who has been through a lot of trauma and pain, and who has found a purpose and a passion in Light.

Misa's morality

Misa's morality is very questionable and controversial. She does not seem to have a clear sense of right or wrong, or a strong moral compass. 

She does not feel any guilt or remorse for killing people with the Death Note, nor does she show any empathy or compassion for their victims or families. She also does not value her own life or happiness, being willing to die or suffer for Light's sake.

Misa gives her Death Note to Light

She does not respect the law or authority, nor does she care about the consequences of her actions. She only follows Light's morality, which is based on his own ego and ambition. 

Misa's morality is very flawed and dangerous, but it is also very consistent and faithful. She never doubts or betrays Light's morality, even when it goes against her own interests or instincts.

Final Words

Based on these points, we can conclude that Misa is not a good person, but she is also not a bad person.

Misa Amane in Death Note

She is a complex and conflicted person who has done both good and bad things for both good and bad reasons. She is a person who has been influenced by many factors, such as her past, her love, her death note and her shinigami.

She is a person who has made many mistakes, but who has also tried to do her best. She is a person who deserves some sympathy and understanding, but also some criticism and accountability.

What do you think? Is Misa a good person or a bad person? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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