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What Happened To Misa in Death Note?

Misa Amane was a key character in Death Note, but her fate was left unclear in the anime. Here’s what happened to her after Light’s death.
A Clear explanation to What Happened To Misa Amane in Death Note

If you are a fan of the classic anime series Death Note, you might be wondering what happened to one of the main characters, Misa Amane. 

Misa was a model, actress, and supporter of Kira who became the Second Kira after obtaining a Death Note. She was also madly in love with Light Yagami, the original Kira, and dedicated her life to helping him achieve his goals.

What Happened To Misa Amane in Death Note?

Misa's fate in the anime was left unclear, but it was strongly implied that she committed suicide after Light's death. In this blog post, we find out what happened to Misa and also look at how Misa's fate was different in other adaptations of Death Note.

Misa's death in the anime

The anime adaptation of Death Note ended with Light being cornered and exposed by Near, L's successor, and the SPK task force. Light was shot and wounded by Matsuda, and tried to escape, but Ryuk decided to write his name in his Death Note, ending his life. 

Misa Amane travelling in train last scene Death Note anime

Misa, who had lost her memories of being the Second Kira due to giving up her Death Note, was seen traveling on a train with a sad expression on her face. She seemed to sense that Light had died, and was later shown standing on the edge of a tall building, presumably ready to jump.

How did Misa Died? - Misa Amane standing on building last scene Death Note anime

While the anime did not explicitly show Misa's death, it was heavily hinted that she took her own life out of despair. This is supported by the fact that Misa had previously attempted suicide when she thought that Light had died during his imprisonment. 

She also stated that she would rather die than live in a world without Light.  Furthermore, Misa had shortened her lifespan significantly by making the eye deal twice, which allowed her to see people's names and lifespans.  Therefore, it is likely that she did not have much time left anyway.

Misa's death in the manga

The manga version of Death Note confirmed that Misa did indeed die shortly after Light's death. However, the manga gave more details about when she died. 

According to How to Read 13 , an official guidebook for the series, Misa died on February 14th, 2011, one year after Light's death. 

Misa Amane Biodata according to Death Note Vol. 13 How to read

The author, Obha Tsugumi, has never confirmed anything on whether she has committed suicide or not. They have conjectured that Matsuda might have revealed the truth to her, prompting her to kill herself. However, officially, nothing was confirmed as to her conditions of the death.—Death Note 13, p. 200.

Misa's fate in other adaptations

Death Note has been adapted into various live-action movies, TV series, novels, and musicals. In some of these adaptations, Misa's fate was different from the anime and manga versions.

  • In the Japanese live-action movie series, Misa survived and continued to work as an actress. She also regained her memories of being the Second Kira after touching her Death Note again. She tried to kill Near with it, but failed because he had written his own name in it beforehand. 

  • In the novel Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases , which is a prequel to Death Note, Misa was mentioned as being alive and working as a popular idol. She was also said to be a fan of L and had sent him fan letters.

  • In the Japanese live-action TV series, Misa survived and lost her memories of being the Second Kira. She remained loyal to Light until the end and tried to defend him from Near and the police. She was arrested along with Mikami and Takada and presumably faced trial for her crimes.

  • In the musical adaptation of Death Note, Misa survived and retained her memories of being the Second Kira. She witnessed Light's death and mourned for him. She then decided to use her Death Note to kill Near and anyone who opposed Kira. However, she was stopped by Ryuk, who wrote her name in his Death Note as well.

  • In the 2017 Netflix film adaptation of Death Note, Misa's counterpart was named Mia Sutton. She was portrayed as a more manipulative and ruthless character who wanted to use the Death Note for her own agenda.

    She betrayed Light and tried to kill him by writing his name in her Death Note, but he outsmarted her by writing her name instead. She died after falling from a Ferris wheel and landing on the shore.


Misa Amane was a tragic character who sacrificed everything for her love of Light Yagami, only to lose him and her own life in the end. 

While the anime did not explicitly show her death, it was strongly implied that she committed suicide after Light's death. The manga confirmed this and gave more details about how and when she died. Other adaptations of Death Note gave different outcomes for Misa, but none of them were happy ones. 

Misa's fate in Death Note was a sad and heartbreaking one, and one that many fans still remember and discuss to this day.

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